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I am looking to purchase roof or floor trusses or roof beams for my new house or addition, what do I do?


How can I send you my drawings?


What area of the Country do you cover?


What is your delivery period?


How will you give me a price, and what will it include?


Do you provide drawings or calculations?

Note: Drawings can be provided for a fee if no products are purchased, provided certain criteria has been met.


Can the trusses, floor beams or ancillary timbers be treated with a preservative?

Note: If you are interested in a Pressure Treated truss, Engineering requirements dictates that certain design modifications be made:

1- All Pressure Treated lumber must be re-dried to 19% moisture content.

2- Truss plates be manufactured Stainless Steel plates.

3- A reduction in allowable load capacity.


These factors contribute to an significant increase in cost factors.


Can I purchase other materials for my roof or floor system?


If your quotation is acceptable, what do I do next?


What if there are any alterations which need to be made to the truss drawings?


How do I pay you?


How do I arrange a delivery date?

Note: if we are required to meet a crane on site, or there are particular requirements or access restrictions for vehicles, we MUST be notified of these at the time of order.


What happens if I need to make changes to a truss or trusses that have been erected?


Can you crane the trusses onto the top of the walls for me?

1. Advanced notice must be given so trusses are strapped together in bundles that are manageable.

2. Clear access must be available at the site. This will be determined by the crane operator.

4. Framers must be on site to direct the crane operator and assist with rigging.


I am designing my own house. What floor and roof parameters will result in the most economical structure?

The truss design is affected primarily by the complexity of the roof and ceiling shape. Keeping the number of jogs and angles to a minimum will help to reduce the cost of trusses. Coffered ceilings add to the complexity of the trusses and sometimes can be done more economically by raising the wall height and framing the coffers down. When the overall height of the roof exceeds 12 ft the trusses will probably require piggy backs which adds to the cost of both the trusses and the installation.