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My building drawings specify a W250 x 33 steel beam in the basement. What is the equivalent size for an engineered wood beam?


What is an I-Joist and what are the benefits of using an I-Joist  in framing?



What is LVL and where is it used?


Can I cut my EWPs to the slope of my roof?



1- Cuts need to be clean and accurate.

2- The length of the cut cannot extend horizontally beyond the inside of the bearing wall, (assuming the LVL is flush with the outside of the exterior load bearing wall)


1- All cuts must be clean and accurate

2- NO Birds mouth cuts or any notching of the flanges.

3- I-Joist may only be trimmed for length of fit.


Can I run my duct work through my I-Joist or cut holes in the OSB?