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What Is A Floor Truss?


Are floor trusses something new?


What is new about them?


Why have they become so popular lately?


What are some of the advantages of 4x2 floor trusses?


How does a 12" deep floor truss spaced 24" on center compare in span to a
 2" x 8" joist 16" on   center?


Do floor trusses deflect a lot?


How are floor trusses manufactured?


Are floor trusses designed by the trial and error method?


What does an engineer or architect do with floor trusses?


Are floor trusses easy to install?

Note: Crane service is available, call our office to coordinate service with your delivery.


Are floor trusses heavy and unwieldy?


Is cross bridging required?

Note: Bridging and bracing are not the responsibility of the truss designer.


How much nailing surface is available on the trusses?


Are stairwell openings difficult to do?


Do contractors and builders like floor trusses?


How about the ultimate consumer?


What steel is used in the connector plates?

The only steel permitted for use is metal connector plates by the Truss Plate Institute and all government regulatory agencies is top quality, prime galvanized steel. No seconds or reject steel is permitted.


How do we know the firm we are buying floor trusses from is qualified,  reliable and reputable?