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What Is A Roof Truss?


Are Wood Roof Truss Systems Superior To Conventionally-framed Systems?

In our opinion, wood trussed roofs are superior due to professional design, high quality materials, uniformity of size and pitch, and the fabrication techniques used.


Why Is A Wood Trussed Roof Better?

Lumber for trusses is cut by machines that are mathematically calibrated and set to produce highly accurate cuts. This helps eliminate gaps when truss members are joined.

Because trusses are manufactured with great precision in jigs, multiples of the same truss are identical in size, assuring uniformity throughout your roof system.

In conventional building most carpenters can cut and build a roof. But, much is left to chance and the builder's opinion. However, most trussed roof systems are designed by engineers or architects to fit your specific roof system and conform to applicable building codes.

Most trusses are fabricated under ideal shop conditions and therefore, are not usually subjected to a great deal of exposure to inclement weather until delivered to the site.

Your house is closed in more rapidly with roof trusses thus reducing the time interior walls and floors are exposed to the weather.

If installed properly roof trusses are designed to eliminate deflections. You get even, level ceilings and less chance of plaster or drywall cracks.


What Holds The Wood Truss Members Together?


How Long Will Our Roof Truss Systems Last?


How Safe Is A Wood Trussed Roof System In Case Of Fire?

In most instances, trusses are considered separate, independent structures designed to support certain defined conditions. The structural integrity of most wood roof trusses is not dependent on other trusses. As a result, one truss may burn and even collapse while other portions of the roof remain standing. In many cases this allows additional time to evacuate the building.


Following Installation, Are Wood Truss Systems Inspected For Quality, Conformity, And Design Integrity?


What Else Can We Do To Be Certain Our Trussed Roof System Is The Finest Available?